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It was a quieter week around here last week, and I’m super happy to be back posting again.  The boy and I were spending our days hiking, trail running and figuring out how to stay dry and warm and it was a nice reprieve from our usual.  Sometimes a break and lots of time outside, just soaking up nature and fresh air make the heart a little happier.  And if you want a great way to start your Tuesday, enjoy these posts and then scroll down to the pictures at the end.  There’s nothing like nature’s natural beauty to make you smile!

Last week on Chronicles of Passion:

Harvest Soup and Raw Hemp Heart Bread

Last week on the web:


//Silencing the inner criticSelf Compassion Instead of Negativity.

//Some days, I accept the fact that my hair is a lost cause, and it goes in a ball on the top of my head, end of story.  But maybe I should try some of these Tips to Care for Sweaty Hair!

//Running as we Age

//Some day I will do a pull up.  I’m starting with these 14 Variations!

//I’ve never really talked about my love for marzipan, but it’s a real thing.  I might have to try these marzipan muffins to get my fill!

//The best fruits and veggies to eat this fall.  Pumpkin and apples, naturally.

//Nut Butter Stuffed Salty Dates these are as easy as they sound, but make killer long run fuel!

//13 Podcasts to Keep you Inspired

//Even the elites have to figure out how to handle disappointing races!

//If you’re a runner, you may want to consider some of these supplements.

And now some scenes from our weekend spent in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  I’ll talk more about it later in the week, but here’s a few to get you started:




Have a great Tuesday, and don’t worry, they’ll be recipes coming your way tomorrow . . . 


Harvest Soup and Raw Hemp Heart Bread

When I was 10 years old, I went on a canoe trip with my dad and my uncle. It was a trip down the St. Croix River in Maine, and it was my first time being in the United States. Not only were we canoeing on a three day overnight trip in the US, but the trip had a waterfall we were going to canoe down and I couldn’t quite contain my excitement for all of these pending adventures. I talked about it for weeks. Continue reading

Link Love

If you haven’t guessed yet, fall is my favourite time of year.  From the fall food and flavours to the fall temperatures to the beautiful fall colours and warm cozy sweaters, I’ll take it over any other season any day.  And it’s also my favourite time to be outside, spending the days hiking and running, getting up early in the crisp air and falling asleep to the cool fall breeze.   Continue reading

Lemon Poppyseed Doughnuts

It’s true.  It’s time for doughnuts again.  And while they are nothing related to fall, with no pumpkin or apple or cinnamon or apple cinnamon around, they’re good enough that it doesn’t even matter.  I had a doughnut pan sitting in my cart on Amazon for weeks.  Finally, about a month ago, I made the purchase.  I don’t even have any good reason why I was Continue reading

Pumpkin Chai Hot Cereal

Let’s talk breakfast for a little bit.  More importantly, fall breakfast.  Fall weekend breakfast.  The kind where you crave a big, warm bowl of hearty oats and grains, loaded with fall flavours of pumpkin and cinnamon, apple and maple and then topped with lots of fruit, nuts and seeds. The kind where it takes a little longer and you make it look a little prettier than you would Continue reading