18 (Healthy) Back to School Recipes

I remember growing up and hearing the words “next week you go back to school.”  It’s the equivalent of telling a kid “next week your rent is due.”  And after those words were spoken, the looming day was inevitably preceded by all the back to school activities that you know signal summer is over and the day is near.  Mom would start to put us back on a regular bed time schedule and no more sleeping in until whenever we wanted.  We’d do our back to school clothes shopping, get supplies and go backpack hunting and I would pick out my outfit for the first day.   Okay, for the first week, who are we kidding.  But mostly what I remember is that everything turned to back to school lunches, food and meals.  Stuff we could eat in a hurry, eat when mom was busy, make ourselves or that she could have on hand when we were hungry.  And if anyone knew how to do back to school food, it was my mom.  She was a champ when it came to lunches and snacks.   I mean with four kids, she certainly had lots of practice!

If there is one thing that I remember though, it’s that she was always on the hunt for new ideas, new snacks, new dinners, new kid friendly options.  Today we’re starting off Back to School Week here on Chronicles of Passion with just that: lots of kid recipes, kid friendly snacks, lunches and dinners to help you get on track for back to school.  We’ll follow it up with a new recipe on Wednesday (which may just be the best of them all), and then I guess  we’ll follow it up by just going to school.  At least you won’t be going hungry!

back to school

Get ready, because we’re going back to school with only the best (and healthiest) food in tow:

blueberry muffin

//No. 1 | Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins – You can never go wrong with blueberry muffins.  Always a win for parents and kids alike.  And if they’re a big fan, try out these Gluten Free Peach Coconut Muffins as well!


//No. 2 | Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bites – Make a batch of these to keep in the fridge for when the kids (and mom) need a quick and healthy snack for on the go.  Great for before sports practice or to tide them over for a late dinner!

GF Gingerbread

//No. 3 | Sweet Potato Gingerbread – It may be gingerbread, but this bread is good all year round, and one bite and I think the kids will agree!


//No. 4 | Spelt Flatbread – Use this flatbread for snacks, breakfast or to pack in lunches as a wrap or with some hummus and veggie sticks.  Easy to make and very versatile for all your kid-friendly needs!



//No. 5 | Chocolate Cupcake With Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting –  Good news: you can have your cake and eat it too with these.  Or rather feed it to the kids.  With no refined sugar and made with raw cacao, these may be the healthiest cupcakes you ever did see!


//No. 6 | Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chilli – A family favourite, this chilli is a healthy veggie packed take on a classic.  Leave out some of the spiciness if your kids aren’t a fan and make an extra big batch to have leftover for lunches!


// No. 7 | Turmeric Chickpeas – Crunchy and a little salty, sub these in the next time someone is asking for chips.  They’re a much healthier and filling option!


//No. 8 | Lemon Blueberry Scones – Whip up a batch of these on the weekend and leave them on the counter for the kids to grab and go all week long!


//No. 9 | Chickpea Salad Sandwiches – A healthy lunch option that packs a protein punch and gives a great boost of healthy fats.  Perfect for every one in the family!


//No. 10 | Buckwheat Crackers – My mom stopped buying crackers when we were little because we ate too many and they were too loaded with sodium and unhealthy ingredients.  If you’re in the same boat, try making your own!


//No. 11 | Poppyseed Pretzels – The perfect after school snack, these whole wheat pretzels are perfect with an apple and a bit of peanut butter!


//No. 12 | Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Cake – Whether you use it for breakfast, snack or bedtime treat, this whole wheat cake is healthy enough to be mom approved, but still cake enough to be kid approved!


//No. 13 | Cinnamon Raisin Breakfast Cookies – Get them out of bed quick with the promise of cookies for breakfast.  Shhhh, don’t tell them that it’s basically oatmeal baked into cookie form!


//No. 14 | Beetroot Brownies – There’s no better way to get your kids to eat veggies than to sneak them into their dessert.  Mix it with chocolate and they’ll never know they are consuming a really healthy veggie packed full of niacin and antioxidants.


//No. 15 | Gluten Free BBQ Veggie Pizzas – Celebrate the weekend with this healthy pizza that the whole family will love!

scalloped potatoes

//No. 16 | Scalloped Potatoes – Doesn’t every kid love a creamy, potato packed dinner?


//No. 17 | Coconut Banana Bread – No kid friendly list would be complete with out banana bread!


//No. 18 | Spicy Sumac Wedges – The best fries – and I’m not even a fry lover!

Don’t miss last week’s 10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas either. And the very best back to school recipe of all is coming up on Wednesday . . . See you then!

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