Things Are Changing Around Here

The planning (dreaming?) for this day started over a year ago, when I left Australia with tears in my eye, after a grand 6 week travelling adventure with my best friend for life, and my heart and my head collided with the same consensus: you have to come back here, and you have to travel again for a long, uninterrupted chunk of time.

Now, finished school and no set time to restart, the day has come.  I’m starting again.  I’m embarking on this adventure, with a set of destinations, but no set destination, a timeline, but no deadlines and a lot of struggles and triumphs to experience that I don’t even know about yet.  There’s people to meet, places to see, experiences to endure and a huge wide open quest in front of me full of more unkonwns than certainties.  I like it that way.  I like that I get to be spontaneous, be minimalist, be scared, be happy, struggle, succeed, smile and cry.  It’s not all going to be easy, but there isn’t any part of me that isn’t saying go.  And that’s how I know every part of me is ready to go.

So what about in this little treasure trove of daily indulgences?

You can expect fewer recipes (on account of less than stellar hostel kitchens and minimal ingredients), but more food culture.

Foreign run routes, and rave runs instead of treadmill run workouts.

On the go workout challenges.  Trust me fitness doesn’t stop on account of no home-base.  This one recently really got me to thinking of how great the possibilities are . . . endless!
Traveling tips, treasures, triumphs and turmoils as I cross many countries and continents.

And so much more that I don’t even know myself yet!

And so it begins.  I leave this glorious place I call home – well leftit a few days ago and am now New York – and let everything happen. Tucwor out there.

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